Thursday, November 20, 2014

With which ring?

Much is made about choosing an engagement ring – but what about the wedding bands themselves? Like any other piece of jewelry, your wedding band can be traditional or modern. But, unlike a lot of jewelry, this one has a lot of significance, and even its own section of your ceremony!

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding band. A single band of gold, matching your spouse’s, has long been the symbol of a marriage. You can have it engraved with your wedding date and initials, if you like.

More unique wedding bands are available, of course, from both traditional jewelers and from local artisans. Metals like tungsten and titanium have a sleek and modern look. Or, you can get unique with special engravings, like your individual fingerprints or other designs.

A great option for people who can’t wear metal bands (like electricians) are wood- and even antler-based bands. Crafted and polished, they have a great natural look.

While many times, a couple chooses to have matching bands, your bands don’t have to be identical. Many couples choose different bands to suit their own individual styles. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where do you want to sit? Sweetheart table vs. head table

Making seating charts is arguably one of the hardest parts of wedding planning. But what about YOU? Where do the two of you want to sit? There are pros and cons to either a head table or a sweetheart table.

A head table usually has the happy couple, members of the wedding party, and sometimes selected family members. When you choose a head table, it allows you to be at a large table with a lot of activity, and your guests may feel more comfortable approaching you to offer their well-wishes. It does, however, mean that if any member of your wedding party has a significant other who is not in the wedding party, they will be split at different tables.

A sweetheart table set with rose petals and candles

A sweetheart table is just that, a table for the two of you! Often, couples who choose a sweetheart table have the members of their wedding party, along with significant others, at tables nearby. Some couples prefer the closeness a sweetheart table offers, while others feel that it isolates them from the rest of their guests.

Which are you choosing for your wedding day? Tell us in the comments!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Honeymoon planning 101

As the weather here in the Northeast turns grey and cold, we all start to think about getting away to somewhere warm. Many newlyweds do choose somewhere tropical as their honeymoon site – what says vacation more than sunny beaches, palm trees and relaxing poolside? Luckily, planning for a honeymoon is only slightly more complicated than any other vacation.

Are you dreaming of a tropical honeymoon?
Many couples take part in a honeymoon registry. Instead of wedding gifts, they register for the vacation of their dreams.  They are still very controversial – many people find them inappropriate. If you are going to have a honeymoon registry, my best advice is to follow the rest of the registry rules. Putting the information on your wedding website or getting the information out through word-of-mouth is ok, but never put registry information on your invitation. Also, many of your guests still may not like it; make you sure you give them some options on a regular registry, too.

Do your research on your honeymoon location. You may not want to hit the Caribbean during the height of hurricane season! You’ll also want to be sure you know about things like passport and immunization requirements, crime statistics and more.

And remember! If you are planning on changing your name, but are leaving right away on your honeymoon, all travel needs to be in the name that’s listed on your passport or ID.